Situated in the heart of Soho, Stage One will give you a reliable boutique service with a large corporate solution.

We are an independent global visual research brand specialist working with our clients and agencies to help clearly communicate strong brands and ideas.

Our goal is to supply quality work across different platforms in order to attain high research scores and allow you to make the ads that are most effective. We also supply 3d, finished artwork, shoot and edit quick and roughs, retouching and broadcast quality editing including sound, as well as access to our production company / facilities.

Our internal studio is populated by industry professionals and can help turn your everyday problems into solutions, we realise that in the current economic climate that there is a need to work to budgets whilst still encompassing the Stage One ethos of providing the highest quality of work within the parameters given, and to this end we will always attempt to meet your budget, hit your timings and provide the quality needed.

As an independent company, you can be assured that Stage One will treat your work in the strictest confidence and not administer it in an opposing agency group environment.

If you think you have a skill set that might be needed by Stage One, please give us a call as we are always looking for new ways to provide new young talent to push the boundaries of our marketplace.